Ham & Eggs............

Ham & Eggs............

Dragon Oakland Restaurant @ Oakland Commerce Square, Seremban

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dragon Oakland is a brand new restaurant opened just a year ago and famously known for its Chinese Cuisine. This Chinese restaurant in Seremban offers good exquisite Chinese food. The ambiance of the restaurant is cozy and décor is modern Chinese restaurant and patrons will be sure to enjoy delightful drinks and have a sumptuous meal with all friends and family.
The restaurant is quite huge and whatever the occasion, from private or corporate functions to weddings, business entertainment, luncheons and even weekend family gatherings, you can always count on them for great food amidst warm hospitality.

Firstly, they provide free soup of the day and the soup was chicken with Chinese herbs. The soup is clear and tasted quite herby.
Next, the stir fried Chinese potato veges with “fu yu” (fermented tofu sauce), the dish is great and got this wok taste, which is good…..
Their specialty sizzling hot seafood tom yam, it’s very delicious and fragrance. It’s good with rice and yummy yummy….
Then the Dong Po Pork, it is a famous Hangzhou dish which is made by pan-frying and then red cooking pork belly. The pork is cut to around 2 inches square in dimensions, consisting of half fat and half lean meat. The mouth feel is oily not greasy with fragrance of wine…..nice!!! Eat it with homemade bun, it’s match make in heaven.
After that is the chili steam grouper with minced meat, unique and creative to use minced meat to steam it together with the fish and result a mouth-watering dish.
Another one of their specialty dish is the mussel fish ball, with fresh minced fish paste, the chef uses fresh mussel and cover with fish paste then steam it. The bite is bouncy and the taste is flavorful and tangy. Well done…
The seafood longevity noodle, the taste is good and the gravy is nice.
Lastly, the dessert, Gui Ling Gao, it is an old traditional medicine product from China; a jelly made from tu fu ling, gui ban, and bie jia, and is said to be able to minimize the effects of the damp-heat that seeps into your body the second you leave the air-conditioned indoors. Also, it’s good for skin complexion when ingested.
Food Review

Food Type: Chinese (Non-Halal)
Address: No. 146, 147 & 148, Oakland Commerce Square, Phase II, 70300 Seremban, Malaysia
Tel: +606-633 2815
Price: Average RM25 per pax
Operating Hours: Daily (10.30am-10.30pm)

Taste Rating: 9.5/10
Ambiance Rating: 8.5/10
Service Rating: 8.5/10
Value Rating: 8.5/10

Overall Rating: 8.8/10



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