Ham & Eggs............

Ham & Eggs............

Auntie Anne’s @ 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A pretzel is a bread pastry of Medieval European (probably Italian) origin, that has the shape of a three looped knot or twisted braid. Pretzels are either soft or hard. Hard pretzels have evolved into a variety of shapes from knotted loops to straight "pretzel sticks" (called "Salzstangen" in German, Ropi in Hungarian). The pretzel dough is made from wheat flour, water, sugar, and yeast, sprinkled with coarse salt. Pretzels are typically glazed with lye and salted. Pretzels can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Traditional soft pretzels are about the size of a hand. Most hard pretzels are only 2-3 mm thick. Hard pretzels which are 0.8-1.5 cm thick are called Bavarian pretzels. In many parts of Europe such as Austria, traditional pretzels often contain Caraway seeds, mixed in with the dough.
So in Malaysia, one of the famous pretzel chains is Auntie Anne’s and they are based in American. Founded by Anne F. Beiler and her husband, Jonas, in 1988, Auntie Anne's serves products such as pretzels, dips, and other desserts. They also serve beverages such as lemonade and coffee.
Auntie Anne's is well known for their freshly-baked, hand-rolled soft pretzels

They sell their original pretzel and also specialty pretzel like cinnamon sugar, chocolate mint, nutty, sour cream & onion, green tea, De Coco, Parmesan Cheese, Sesame Seeds, Seaweed, Choc Eclairs, Garlic and Zesty Roselie with dips like caramel and chocolate. Then they have the caramel almond, cinnamon raisin and glazin’ raisin. The pretzel is fresh and tasty. And for patrons that haven’t try it yet, you should go and have a bite then.
Food Review

Food Type: German, Italian (Halal)
Address: LG-K3, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, New Wing, LG Floor Highstreet, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7724 1005
Price: Average RM2.50-6 per piece
Operating Hours: Daily (10am-10pm)

Taste Rating: 9/10
Ambiance Rating: Nil
Service Rating: Nil
Value Rating: 7/10

Overall Rating: 8/10


Shannon Zimmerman May 11, 2009 at 8:49 PM  

Thank you for reviewing Auntie Anne's pretzels! We are pleased to have more than 990 store locations around the world with pretzel flavors that vary according to local taste profiles. For store locations, visit www.auntieannes.com.

Cherry June 23, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

my all time favourite... caramel almond, sour cream n onion and chocolate mint


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