Ham & Eggs............

Ham & Eggs............

Bar. B. Q Plaza @ 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bar B Q Plaza has stepped into the barbecue restaurant business since 1987 by Mr. Choopong Choopojcharoen, who applied the long-famous Japanese-style barbecue. According to their website, Bar B Q Plaza opened its first branch at Central Plaza Ladprao. With its new and different style of food, enjoyable experience of grilling, and high-quality meats and vegetables, Bar B Q Plaza has become increasingly popular and opened their first branch in Malaysia in 2005.

The Nature of Business Bar B Q Plaza is a self-cooking Mongolian-and-Japanese-style barbecue restaurant. They use a selection of high-quality meats and vegetables which customers can enjoy grilling by themselves.

Patrons are given a bowl of brown vegetarian-based sauce that is imported weekly from Bangkok. The sauce is alright and got a unique flavor. Patrons are also given raw garlic, chopped cilipadi and lime juice to add to the sauce. Then they also provide pork lard for grilling.
Looking at their menu, it has variety of sets to choose from. From economy set to deluxe supreme set……the picture below is the supreme pork set, consists of pork slices, bacon, chicken slices, squid, Udon, cabbage, baby corn, carrot, lettuce and tomato.
The set comes with 2 bowls of white rice, you can opt for garlic fried rice…quite nice actually…
To start, once the chicken stock soup has been poured and the pork lard has been greased on the hot plate, place the vegetables in the soup…

Then, proceed to grill the morsels of meat and seafood on the hot plate. Leave it to cook till it turns light brown…. Yum yum… for other meats and seafood, cooked till golden brown…

For the soup to be sweet, continue to add more veges
Besides, patrons can order side dishes such as the Fried Bacon Roll, the chef uses the Enoki Mushroom wrapped with Pork Bacon then deep fried and comes with mustard dip. It tasted funny but tasty, appreciated with the creativity.
Lastly, the Fried Thai Springrolls, fresh out from the wok and nothing to praise about it.
Their marketing ad is interesting with the help of their mascot, Bar B Gon. He is a cute cheerful dragon that is friendly to children. He likes delicious food and can eat much food at a time.

Food Review

Food Type: Thai, Mongolian, Japanese & Fusion (Non-Halal)
Address: F338A, 1st Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7727 8148
Price: Average RM30 per pax
Operating Hours: Daily (10.30am-10.30pm)

Taste Rating: 7/10
Ambiance Rating: 6.5/10
Service Rating: 5.5/10
Value Rating: 4/10

Overall Rating: 5.8/10


Mart May 7, 2009 at 9:43 AM  

I totally disagree with this review from top to bottom. I tried the branch in Pyramid and the food basically is just so-so. The slices of meat was very small & thin & less, and the price is expensive. Its definitely not value for money considering the price paid for it, where i can eat more elsewhere (sorry, the food quality sucks also, so basically in for the quality nor the quantity also). Its concept looks like a fusion of bbq & steamboat which to me is a total failure.

Mart's Verdict
Taste Rating: 1/10
Ambiance Rating: -5/10 (where everyone bbq-ing in an aircond place, it turns more like a SAUNA!)
Service Rating: 5/10
Value Rating: 1/10

Overall Rating: 2/10

Michael aka AhSi May 7, 2009 at 10:13 AM  

icic... i think you have a VERY bad experience with them.... anyway, i gave 7/10 not to praise them but me actually...i'm doin the cooking/grilling, i'm giving myself 7/10 for my cooking effort =p lol

i shall do some amendment of the service and value after your consideration..

Mart May 7, 2009 at 5:48 PM  

Bro, you dont have to take my consideration into your review. Its a matter a preference, heck some might give it a 10/10 even if they like it. Just keep it as it is, its your review. =)


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