Ham & Eggs............

Ham & Eggs............

South Pacific Seafood Restaurant @ PJ State

Thursday, January 8, 2009

South Pacific Seafood Restaurant has been around since 1986 and many patrons have grown up eating from this restaurant. They are famous for its seafood and offer discounts during Happy Hours. It's located behind the old PJ State (or Petaling Jaya State) cinema which has been converted into the Lotus (Mamak) Restaurant.
A little history about South Pacific Seafood and their Happy Hours offer, owner Mr. Ooi, who started the restaurant in 1986, is a somewhat marketing guy himself. As the popularity of South Pacific Seafood spread through word-of-mouth, Mr. Ooi adopted the pubs and bistros happy hours practice, and introduced his Seafood Happy Hours from 5pm to 7pm and 11pm to 2am. Customers who arrive during these happy hours enjoy discounts of as high as 50% on the seafood menu. The Happy Hours season is valid from July to November only.
Their “Tai Chow” is not bad too. For instant, their recommended Homemade Tofu, deep fried into round shape and then cooks with vegetable and mushroom. Quite nice.
Next, the stir-fried frog with ginger and spring onions. It’s an exotic dish and some patrons may or may not like it. But overall, it is ok (not bad and not good). A bit more salty would be good.
The Marmite Spare Ribs is a very delicious dish and patron should order it.
Basically, you don’t need to look high and low for good Seafood or “Tai Chow”, just go and try their food. Best yet, they open till 3am.

Food Review

Food Type: Chinese (Non-Halal)
Address: No. 7, Jalan 52/16, New Town, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7956 4221
Price: Average RM18 per pax
Operating Hours: Daily (11am-3pm, 5pm-3am)

Taste Rating: 7.5/10
Ambiance Rating: 5.5/10
Service Rating: 6.5/10
Value Rating: 6.5/10

Overall Rating: 6.5/10


Anonymous January 13, 2011 at 9:42 AM  

you guys should really try the !Talapia 3 rasa! seriously its de best fish dish i've tasted! the other mind blower is the marmite pork, it drains the saliva when you even think of it


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