Ham & Eggs............

Ham & Eggs............

Weng Heong Restaurant @ Taman Intan, Klang

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Klang is famous for its authentic Bak Ku Teh. There are over 200 stalls in the area selling various types of Bak Ku Teh, with dry fragrance Bak Ku Teh, seafood Bak Ku Teh, and claypot Bak Ku Teh being the most famous. Most residents from Klang like to have their Bak Ku Teh served with vegetables in oyster sauce, oil rice, fried dough sticks and pork intestines, as well as drinking Teh Kuan Yin tea to remove grease. Weng Heong Restaurant is well known in Klang. And Foodies must try it. It tastes very good once you savor it.
The ingredients used consist of pork ribs and herbs such as tong kui. Spices used include cinnamon, cloves, garlic and star anise. The pork ribs are boiled in the herbs for hours until the meat become tender. Other additional ingredients that are used include mushroom, lettuce and dried tofu
Take note that the restaurant is non air-conditioned and your dressing can be casual when you have your meals here.
Food Review

Food Type: Chinese (Non-Halal)
Address: No. 28, 30, Jalan 5, Kawasan 16, Taman Intan, 41300 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-3341 4408
Price: Average RM15 per pax
Operating Hours: Daily (7.30am-3pm, 4pm-9pm)

Taste Rating: 9/10
Ambiance Rating: 6.5/10
Service Rating: 7.5/10
Value Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.6/10


Mart July 2, 2009 at 3:52 PM  

I would rate ambiance "0"...LOL. Basically there's no ambiance for such place, but who cares anyway when your eating Bak Kut Teh~! Havent eaten BKT in an air-condition place before..LOL.


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