Ham & Eggs............

Ham & Eggs............

Vietnam Kitchen @ Citrus Park OUG

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mama was throwing a party for her friends at home, so the rest of us decided to give her some space and ate out.

We arrived at a very empty Vietnam Kitchen at Citrus Park, Plaza OUG. Being quite familiar with the menu and in no mood to go for their set menus, we decided to order ala carte.

First dish out of the kitchen was the Chicken Chop Rice. Served on a big heavy plate, the chicken was extremely tender and went well with the accompanying sauce, however the taste was lacking and tasted rather bland.

Solution: Pour the sauce over it....

Then came my Fried Rice. My second fried rice meal of the day, after having Pineapple
Fried rice for lunch. What can I say, I love fried rice. Accompanied by a set of chicken wings, the fried rice was very fragrant and was also an 8/10 taste-wise. The chicken wings were a let-down as they were tasteless although I did enjoy the crispiness of the skin. Where do they get their chicken from anyw
ay?? The sambal that came with it was very spicy and would be a hit among chilli lovers. Come to think of it, the portion is rather small and is quite a sum to pay for RM10.90++, don't you think?

Finally, the Pork Chop Rice was whizzed out of the kitchen. Looking pretty similar to the Chicken chop, I found it rather difficult to distinguish which was which, by just looking at them. However, the pork chop was lean, tender and well-marinated. Although a bit dry, there was no real need to add in the accompanying sauce.

The overall service in the restaurant was ok as the waiters were attentive but the bartender and chefs took quite a while to prepare our food and beverages. Quite long, considering there were only about 3 occupied tables at that time.




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